Rustic Bean and Kale

Jump start your healthful eating habits with this delicious Rustic Bean and Kale soup. This hearty vegetarian soup warms up cold nights


  • Serves 12-15
  • Price Guide - £3.00 / £3.75

All of our Soups come served with Croutons and are accompanied with Enamel Mugs and Spoons for serving. Perfect for a light lunch or we reccomend that our Soups are ordered with our Filled Baguettes Menu or any of the Sandwich Menus from our Buffet Food selection for a more substantial meal.



Blah Blah Catering is Northamptonshire's most creative caterer and is not to be confused with your leading high street brands. Prepared fresh on the day and delivered to you, beautifully presented by qualified artisan chefs.

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